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Book Study Group 2017 'The Missing Link' Book Study Group with Dr Mark Howard - now accepting students!

We are accepting new students of 'The Missing Link' for 2017 led by Dr Mark Howard
By 3P Supermind, Nov 11, 2016 | |

    The wisdom humanity seeks lies within the Consciousness of all human beings"
    ~ Sydney Banks, The Missing Link

    Mark Howard is thrilled to provide a second year of "The Missing Link" study group.

    Potential Outcomes of this Study Group:
    1. A stronger and deeper understanding of the Three Principles
    2. An understanding of the hope that the spiritual experience of Sydney Banks gives to all of us.
    3. Get insights into the Spiritual Nature of how Human Beings function
    4. Experience Peace of Mind, Love, and Understanding
    5. A glimpse of the deeper essence of who we truly are
    6. Seeing and understanding the nature of life across the board – work, relationships, and life itself
    7. Stronger knowing of returning to the feeling of ‘being home’ when we get lost
    From Dr Mark Howard:
    Our first Study Group went beyond all expectations of what Brett and I thought people could learn by delving into “The Missing Link.” Each chapter discussion provided us with more insights into what Syd was sharing. It was wonderful to hear how each class member discovered a deeper meaning of the chapter. We enjoyed being together with each other and each meeting led to deep feelings of love, respect, and humor. Yes, we had some wonderful laughs.

    When we started this class, I expected it would be a “one-time” program. However, I am so deeply moved by this class that I want to do more of them. I looked forward to each class knowing I would be joining a group of loving people and that by the end of class I would discover a deeper meaning for Syd’s words.

    So won’t you join us for the 2017 Missing Link class?

    We close to new students on 18th January 2017. The first class begins on 19th January 2017.

    Each Missing Link class will place every month, usually the third Thursday of every month, at 10pm PT, 1pm ET and 6pm UK. If not the third Thursday then the fourth Thursday.​
    Most classes will be 2 hours, some a little shorter, some a little longer depending on chapter.

    The first three dates are confirmed:
    January 19th
    February 16th
    March 16th
    All webinars are recorded and you can catch up anytime.

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