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Book Study Group Coming Home - Dicken Bettinger & Natasha Swerdloff

A 4-part book study into Dicken's and Natasha's book "Coming Home", beginning 31st January 2017.
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  1. Coming Home: Book Study
    with Dicken Bettinger & Natasha Swerdloff

    1. Coming Home: Book Study with Dicken & Natasha

      55.00 GBP *
      4-part webinar series diving into Dicken & Natasha's book "Coming Home"

      Lifetime access to:
      • video replays (streaming)
      • audio MP3s (downloadable)
    We wholeheartedly invite you to spend some time with us reflecting on the magnificence and beauty of the depth of your inner being. We are eager to help you directly experience your true self, a place within you where you are most comfortable with the full range of your experience, where you are most at home. Our book Coming Home is our best attempt to guide you ever deeper within to a space that gives birth to more love and understanding. It helps you look in a direction that leads you to a life lived in harmony with the intelligence behind all of life.

    Each time we meet we are going to plunge into several chapters of the book and explore deeply the wisdom that lies at the core of the chapters. Perhaps one of the most important steps on this journey is to convey to you how ordinary The Principles are and that we are all connected and one in essence.

    Our deep hope is that after this 4-part study group that you will be more familiar with your always present true home; that you are more at peace with the full range of your experiences; that you have more love, passion and compassion in your life; and that you see your own capacity to play a critical role in raising the overall level of well-being of the world.

    We look forward to being with all who join us on this journey!

    Webinar Dates:
    1. Tuesday 31st January - click here for your local time
    2. Tuesday 14th February - click here for your local time
    3. Tuesday 28th February - click here for your local time
    4. Tuesday 14th March - click here for your local time
    What you get:
    • place in all 4 live webinars
    • lifetime access to video recordings
    • downloadable MP3s
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