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Programme Enchanted Relationships, with Chip & Jan Chipman

All you need is love...! Starting February 7th, a 4-month relationship journey that includes a fortnightly webinar series and a 3-day immersion...
By 3P Supermind, Jan 26, 2017 | |
  1. Enchanted Relationships
    Chip & Jan Chipman
    Embracing the gift of love

    All you need is love...! So the song goes...but what Chip & Jan have seen so often with so many clients and friends, is that many are suffering in their intimate relationships. It can seem really hard to find, create and sustain a deeply connected, happy relationship.

    But what if they told you that it is actually far easier to create the relationship of your dreams than you could imagine regardless of your history and current relationship status?

    They have a very exciting offer for my community, to join a brand-new relationships programme in 2017 with relationship experts and husband and wife team, Chip and Jan Chipman.

    The Chipmans love to teach these very simple, deep and impactful principles, that will NO DOUBT have a tremendous impact on you and your relationships.

    The Chipmans have been helping couples and singles experience more love in their lives for over 30 years and have been happily married for almost 50. They enjoy nothing more than to share what they’ve seen for themselves: you can fall in love with the same person day after day after day. They have seen countless people find happiness and wisdom and flourishing relationships as their own wisdom emerges. They would love to help you realise the possibilities in love that you desire.

    What is the programme?
    Starting on February 7th they are launching ‘Enchanted Relationships’ - a 4-month exclusive relationship journey that includes a fortnightly webinar series (7 pm UK time) and a 3-day immersion retreat in a beautiful setting in London.

    The Enchanted Relationships team are so committed to you being sure that this is the right programme for you that they are offering breakthrough sessions to help you get crystal clear on what you are looking to create in 2017 in the area of love. Places are limited but you can register here: www.enchanted-relationships.com/love

    If you feel that 2017 is the year to make a HUGE and POWERFUL impact on your love life then sign up here using the code SMSPECIALOFFER for a £100 discount.

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