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Seminar Exploring the Logic and Wisdom of the Three Principles as a Paradigm

A personal message from Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe about their upcoming seminar in La Conner, Washington, USA on April 8-11.
By 3P Supermind, Mar 5, 2017 | |
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    Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    We hope this message finds you well.

    We’re writing to invite you to join us in La Conner this April for a unique event hosted by Valda and myself.

    We will be holding a 4-day event: Exploring the Logic and Wisdom of the Three Principles As a Paradigm, here in La Conner, Washington, USA, from Saturday 8th April to Tuesday 11th April.

    It is a unique occasion - the first time we are offering an in-depth experience together in our home town, specifically for those who want to incorporate the Three Principles As a Paradigm in their personal and professional lives

    About 11 years ago now, and with Syd Banks encouragement, Valda and I began having insights about how to teach the Three Principles As a Paradigm. We were and still are to this day, surprised by how much new, insightful, thinking came to mind and how much old thinking was rendered obsolete. We loved the insights that came. It was really new territory for us, especially given the fact that we had experienced such tremendous life-changes from understanding the 3 Principles for the thirty years before that. Our clients and colleagues began reporting similar impacts, and this is rapidly expanding their work too in new directions. Who knew that such a development could happen?

    This 4-day training is a chance to share with you everything we’ve learned over the last eleven years, both of what has worked and what did not work. We are looking forward to, for the first time, sharing, experiencing and deepening this collective learning with you.

    If you are intrigued, you can learn more about the program and register here:

    The training itself will take place at the beautiful and comfortable La Conner Country Inn. It is in the middle of the Tulip festival here which is such a beautiful and famous display of flowers. Not to be missed! We have arranged a small discount for participants which is valid until Tuesday 7th March. Bookings can be made here: http://www.laconnercountryinn.com/

    Be sure to quote, ‘Three Principles Paradigm’ when making your booking.

    If you are unable to make it in person, there is a live streaming option, where you can participate in the training live if you have an internet connection, or catch up on the recordings afterwards.

    If you would like a conversation about whether this program is for you, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

    We hope to see you here.

    All Our Love, Keith & Valda

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