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Innate Health Conference 2017

A 3-day conference on Innate Health taking place in New Jersey on 12-14 November, 2017. Join some of the world’s most sought after practitioners...
By 3P Supermind, Oct 8, 2017 | |
  1. WHEN: Sunday-Tuesday, Nov. 12-14, 2017 | 9:30am-5:00pm (ET)

    WHAT: The 3 Principles are a paradigm which describe the constant system which creates the moment to moment feeling of life we all individually experience. Innate Health emphasizes the access every human being has to a positive, resilient, and resourceful outlook - unconditionally. Join some of the world’s most sought after practitioners for a multi-day conference exploring the deep yet common sense principles of Innate Health.

    For more information, click on this link.

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