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Seminar Joe Bailey's Resilience seminar videos are ready!

Over 7 hours of footage from Joe's 2-day seminar in Glasgow is ready for purchase!
By 3P Supermind, Nov 11, 2016 | |
  1. Transforming our Clients and Ourselves Through Resilience, with Joe Bailey.

    1. Transforming Clients Through Resilience, with Joe Bailey

      60.00 GBP *
      7 hours and 27 minutes of footage.

      Lifetime access to:
      • Videos (streaming)
      • Audios (downloadable MP3s)
      Note: The audio quality is poor when a member of the audience is speaking. Listening to Joe is fine.
    Joe Bailey visited the United Kingdom in October 2016, and he did a 2-day seminar in Glasgow which was recorded by Supermind.

    The recordings have been edited and Audio MP3s are available for download, which you get to keep for life.

    Take a look at the list to see what's included.
    1. Intro to Joe Bailey & Resilience (12m 16s)
    2. Seminar Objectives (6m 20s)
    3. Insight Based Learning (16m 49s)
    4. Moments of Resilience (15m 52s)
    5. The Mayo Clinic, The Nature of Resilience (7m 10s)
    6. More Moments of Resilience (10m 54s)
    7. The Mayo Clinic Research Results (Not available yet)
    8. Yet More Resilience (9m 56s)
    9. Does Adversity Equal Stress? (12m 01s)
    10. The Inside Out Nature of Experience (15m 27s)
    11. The Three Principles (13m 40s)
    12. Where Are My Feelings Coming From (6m 47s)
    13. Resiliency in the Diagram (7m 06s)
    14. The Mayo Clinic, Seeing Thought in the Moment (5m 08s)
    15. The Alarm System of Feelings (12m 58s)
    16. Q & A’s with Joe (14m 58s)
    17. Insight and Resilience is Revealed (12m 25s)
    18. Sydney Banks Quotes (12m 59s)
    19. The Resilience Paradigm Summary (5m 18s)
    20. Insights from Attendees (19m 14s)
    21. Recapping Resilience (12m 45s)
    22. Joe and his Dad (8m 26s)
    23. Addictions and Compulsions (12m 39s)
    24. Intro to Implications of the Resilience Paradigm (6m 09s)
    25. Implication: The 100% Solution (18m 19s)
    26. Implication: Pre-Principle Paradigm (4m 22s)
    27. The Mayo Clinic, The Art of Relationships (5m 27s)
    28. Relationships (6m 16s)
    29. A short on the Human Currency (3m 12s)
    30. Implication: Separate Realities (14m 27s)
    31. Implication: We Can Handle the Truth (5m 26s)
    32. Implication: There’s No Other Place to Be (22m 13s)
    33. Implication: The Future is an Incomplete Equation (14m 55s)
    34. The Mayo Clinic, Vision and Effective Leadership (7m 12s)
    35. Leadership (16m 32s)
    36. Sharing the Principles with Others, and Q & A’s (6m 05s)
    37. Observation: Sometimes We See It, Sometimes We Don’t (5m 26s)
    38. Three Overarching Results (14m 13s)
    39. Round Up and Conclusion (32m 30s)

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