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Seminar The Constant North Star Nature of the Principles

A 2.5 day seminar in Central London on 16-18 May with Keith Blevens amd Valda Monroe, looking at how the Three Principles are a constant, and...
  1. The Constant North Star Nature of the Principles
    16-18 May, in Central London
    Keith Blevens, Ph.D. and Valda Monroe

    Something that is constant, does not come and go. It is ever present. It requires no effort or belief on our part to make it so. The reliable and predictive nature of a constant is something we can count on, in every moment. The Three Principles Paradigm provides an understandings about how all people psychologically experience life - how they always have done, and how they always will, moment to moment.

    This understanding reveals a foundational order that is constant, logical and transformational. It offers the best hope we have seen for people to get out from under stubborn thinking patterns to find their connection to a larger truth.

    Over the course of history, there have been pivotal moments when human beings have experienced insight into a constant pre-existing order that was previously invisible to humanity and the implications have been transformational. The sun centred solar system, the force of gravity, the existence of germs are all such examples and the implications of these discoveries were monumental. Superstitions and incorrect assumptions were laid to rest, and humanity evolved, as we aligned with how things actually worked - with a constant we could count on.

    Sydney Banks’ insight into the principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as the elemental building blocks of mental life was a discovery of this order and magnitude.

    Over the two and a half days of this seminar, Dr Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe will point you in the direction of a constant, predictive, reliable explanation of how we experience life, which simultaneously reveals how we don’t. This distinction is transformational as this paradigm enables us to insightfully recognise what is not possible, and therefore, what is not true.

    Anyone who has insight into the pre-existing logic of how their experience is created will evolve. There is an absolute direction built into this understanding that sets us on a journey of self-correction and unavoidable evolution.
    Valda Monroe

    To sign up for this seminar, click on the following link:

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