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New Profile Posts

  1. Richard Midwinter
  2. Jeanne Catherine
    Jeanne Catherine
    "Don't believe what you think!"
  3. AndySmith
    love this website <3
  4. Jill Whalen
    Jill Whalen
    Creating my reality one moment at at time.
  5. Phyllis
    Life is a treat!
  6. Laurie
    Laurie Brett Chitty
    Hi Brett, I have been watching recordings of some of the past week's webinars. They have all been wonderful and I wanted to thank you for the great work you are doing for the 3P community. Laurie
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  7. JoelPeters
    Feeling fully alive!
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  8. 3P Supermind
    3P Supermind
  9. John Countryman
    John Countryman
    I attended the first session and I'm looking forward to the rest.
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  10. Amanda Thomas
    Amanda Thomas
    I just received a trophy from Supermind yay!
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  11. Amanda Thomas
  12. Amanda Thomas
    Amanda Thomas
    Arrived in Bangkok & to better wifi access. Time to catch up with the forum & looking forward to listen to the 2nd webinar :-)
  13. Amanda Thomas
    Amanda Thomas
    Arrived in Bangkok and access to wifi. Time to catch up with the forum and to listen to the 2nd webinar :-) look
  14. Jacquie Forde
    Jacquie Forde
    Living in The Playground of Life
  15. 3P Supermind
    3P Supermind
    Having fun editing Dicken's & Natasha's Denmark seminar :D
  16. Clytee Lally Mills
    Clytee Lally Mills
    Free member of 3 Principles Supermind
  17. Eva Robinson
    Eva Robinson
    Business name is Inate Transformation with Eva Robinson. .
  18. Eva Robinson
    Eva Robinson
    I have been teaching The Three Principles since 1994. I currently have my own Coaching business.
  19. Bobbie Herron
    Bobbie Herron Lise Dandanell
    Your silent seminar at 2pm is 2pm in what time zone? Thanks. - Bobbie Herron
  20. Bobbie Herron
    Bobbie Herron still jeff
    Hi Jeff- we met in 2013 (?) when I was attending the 3P conference. I came to your public meeting for people "in recovery" and really enjoyed the format and the spirit in the room. You were a big part of it! I am new to the SuperMind website, still getting used to it, but I plan to attend the informal meeting tonight. See you then :-)
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    2. still jeff
      still jeff
      I remember you. I've a new email address since then. I'd like to be friends: https://www.facebook.com/jeff.rader.395

      We missed you, last Monday. but we do it every Monday. Looking forward to seeing you next time.
      Jun 24, 2015