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  1. Completed Webinar Series

    Webinar Series that have been completed. In most cases, you can still sign up for them. You will get webinar recordings, and where available, audio MP3 downloads. The place to sign up is here: http://threeprinciplessupermind.com/products
    1. 19

      The Business of Sharing the Principles

      Whether you are growing a 3 principles community or building a 3 principles business, this workshop series is for you! Each week Jeanne Catherine-Gray will guide the group through relevant topics for building and be growing a sustainable 3 principles practice. This series is currently closed to new participants.
    2. 19

      Educators Living in the Joy of Gratitude

      A year-long monthly webinar series for Educators who want to teach the Principles in an educational environment, and live more in the joy of gratitude". Join the series here. Includes lifetime access to all webinar recordings.

    3. 14

      Spiritual Maturity, With Ami Chen

      This 5-part series with Ami Chen will take a fresh look at this momentum of Thought and what lies underneath, what creates this momentum, what is always here. We will look together at identity and how the momentum (in Thought) of identity creates fear and insecurity. When all thoughts of identity or a “self” are gone, what remains? And what is the nature of what remains? Purchase the recordings here. Purchase includes lifetime access to recordings and downloads.

    4. 8

      Coming Home - Living in Harmony with the Principles, with Dicken Bettinger & Natasha Swerdloff

      A 3 part series with Dicken Bettinger and Natasha Swerdloff, based on their book "Coming Home." Purchase the recordings here. Purchase includes lifetime access to the recordings.