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Premium Member Webinar Ann Ross 01 2016-03-11

The Miracle of Being Human

Start Date:
Jun 15, 2015 7:00 PM GMT
End Date:
Jun 15, 2015 8:30 PM GMT
Ann Ross
  1. 3P Supermind
    Who we truly are, is infinitely greater than many of us can imagine possible. Our creative potential is beyond measure. When we awaken to our true nature, we enter the world of unlimited possibility and become leaders of our own lives. LIving in a beautiful feeling requires no effort except to "show up and be present". There is a point of Truth within all of us which can be found in the present moment. There is nothing to seek or to do. We can rest in deep peace and embody the energy of Life as we are aligned with the Principles. We start to live in the flow of LIfe and miracles begin...

    Ann Ross

    Ann was at the leading edge of Energy Psychology worldwide for 14 years. She is a Trainer of Trainers and pioneered Energy Psychology in Namibia and South Africa. She has been the keynote speaker at Masterclasses and Conferences in USA, Europe and Africa. Her area of expertise was trauma of all kinds and reducing or eliminating "barriers" to self Love. After experiencing burnout and a profound insight 31/2 years ago Ann walked away from a successful practice, to learn more about the Principles as experienced by Sydney Banks. Ann now facilitates courses, Immersion days and "meetups" in Devon on a regular basis and continues to be mentored by Leaders in the Three Principles. She has the great pleasure of being a Mentor for Innate Wellbeing retreats and trainings and has recently been privileged to co-facilitate with Elsie Spittle at a workshop in Exeter. Ann delights in seeing Wisdom at work within each person as the Principles are revealed and uncovered within them.