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Workshop Change in the Community - Jack Pransky 2016-03-12

a 4-part video that was filmed.

Start Date:
Jan 3, 2015 9:30 AM GMT
End Date:
Jan 3, 2015 5:00 PM GMT
Jack Pransky
  1. 3P Supermind
    Jack Pransky spent a whole career working in the community in the area of prevention. In this one day workshop he shares his ideas on how the Three Principles make change a real possibility. He also suggests a unique process for using the Principles in a Community environment. If you are working in a community project or are interested at all in making change in your environment, this is the workshop for you.

    This workshop is from the LivingfromWisdom series, produced by Julian Freeman.

    There are 4 videos in this workshop.

    • Video 1: Jack’s Story: Jack tells us how he came to find the Three Principles to set the scene for the rest of these wonderful videos. I loved his easy, laid back style as soon as he started to speak.
    • Video 2: Modello, Community & Jack’s Principles System: Jack shares how Roger Mills and Modello introduced him to the Three Principles and totally changed how he did his work as a Community Development Professional. He shows us the 'System' he developed for using the principles, in Communities and Groups, as a coach too. He also gives us his unique description of the Three Principles.
    • Video 3: Three Principles & Painting: In this video, Jack gives us a whole different take on the Principles. You will see the Three Principles in a way you've never seen it before. It’s a wonderful counterpoint to the way he introduced it in the previous video!
    • Video 4: Deep Listening: This is Jacks' "pièce de résistance" It’s totally fundamental to his approach, his system and the way he uses, shares and IS the Principles in everyday life. If you get one thing from Jack Pransky…this is it!

    Jack Pransky

    Dr. Jack Pransky is a Three Principles Author, Trainer and Practitioner: a Coach of Coaches and a Counselor of Counselors.
    Jack Pransky is a national and international consultant, speaker, and author who has worked in the field of prevention and community organizing since 1968. He authored all the books found on this website.
    Jack has been responsible for a number of accomplishments in the field:
    • helping to create the first Spirituality of Prevention conference in the country (with Prevention Unlimited),
    • the first state prevention law in the country,
    • the first school climate improvement programs in Vermont,
    • Vermont’s Juvenile Court Diversion system,
    • two parent-child centers and other successful community-based programs.
    He specializes in prevention from the inside-out, and specifically in The Three Principles/Health Realization.
    In 2004 he won the Vermont Prevention Pioneers Award.