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Webinar Series Coming Home - Dicken Bettinger & Natasha Swerdloff 2016-03-12

Living in Harmony with the Principles (3-part webinar series)

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May 3, 2016 7:00 PM GMT
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May 3, 2016 8:30 PM GMT
Dicken Bettinger Natasha Swerdloff
  1. 3P Supermind
    Coming Home:
    Living in Harmony with the Principles
    A 3-part webinar series with Dicken Bettinger and Natasha Swerdloff
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    What we would like to share with you in this 3 part webinar series is some of our insights of what it means to live in harmony with the Principles.
    We want to take a closer look at how we can live in harmony with the powers that are living us. When living in harmony, we get out of our own way and stop trying to fight against, interfere with, control, or judge our experience in ways that work against us.
    Living in harmony is not a function of us doing something. Harmony arises naturally as we gain a deeper understanding of the Principles. With a deeper understanding, we automatically gain greater well-being.

    • Part one March: Waking up to the Power of Thought
    • Part two: Resting in pure Consciousness
    • Part three: Filling with Mind's Love & Wisdom

    Part 1 - Waking Up to the Power of Thought
    You are living in an ever- shifting and changing thought created reality. There is nothing solid or permanent in your thinking. Any specific thought is just a temporary condensation of energy. The instant you have a new thought, the last thought you had no longer exists. This is the illusory nature of your thinking. You already have built into you everything you need to recognize the nature of this ever-shifting, creative process.

    Built into you is the capacity to be aware that you think and feel.

    Every feeling is always and only created from thought. When you become aware of this fact, you realize the true source of your feelings. Feelings then can serve to point you back toward the source. When you feel any degree of sadness, anger or fear, these feelings are like an alarm clock waking you up to the fact of thought.

    We will be sharing how realizing the illusion of thought wakes you up out of the limitations of your conceptual mind and how you can gain access to an unbounded potential for new and helpful thinking. We will be inviting you the listener into dialogue so we can explore together how we can fall back into a deeper harmony with life.

    Part 2 - Resting in Pure Consciousness
    When you wake up, you wake up from everything you had been thinking. You step back from your personal thinking and as it quiets down you become present. You fall into the now, into pure consciousness, free of the contamination and limitations of your personal thinking.

    Words such as quiet, silence, or stillness are used to point toward this space before the noise, the busyness, the chatter and the babbling of your personal thinking. When you touch this infinite space your mind is at rest. It is peaceful and calm. There is true contentment. It is the deepest essence of yourself that you can sense. It is your soul.

    In this second part we will be sharing how as you touch this infinite, wide-open space, you realize ever more deeply the fact of its ever-present nature. It becomes more and more real to you. It becomes more and more familiar. It is a space where you can experience directly your true nature. It is the space where you feel most at home. Again we will be inviting you to participate in sharing what home means to you, and how you can recognize more of the time that you are already home.

    Part 3 - Filling with Mind's Love and Wisdom
    Mind is the formless intelligence behind all of life. We are all connected to this universal intelligence. In humans, this formless universal intelligence is often called wisdom.

    When you wake up to Thought, and rest in pure Consciousness you quite naturally and spontaneously fill with thoughts and feelings of well-being. These thoughts and feelings are uplifting, connect you to life in a positive way and guide you in a healthy direction.

    Wisdom knows how to bring you a higher quality of thinking. Wisdom guides and nourishes you by bringing you understanding about your self, others and the world. As you realize more deeply that wisdom is always here waiting to break through, you can trust in wisdoms responsive presence.

    Trusting in Mind´s wisdom aligns you with the intelligence behind life and brings you into greater harmony with life.

    Again we will be inviting you to share, ask questions and dialogue with us about what it means to you to recognize your true nature so you can live fully in harmony with the Principles.

    Please join Natasha and Dicken for this exploration into living the principles. Natasha and Dicken are currently collaborating on writing a book with the title: Coming Home. The book talks about how our minds work and about the unlimited capacity we all have for new thinking.

    This webinar series is relaxing, educational in style, and conducive to new insights. We will be sharing with you our understanding of how you can live a life in harmony with the Principles and gain the benefits there lies in aligning yourself with life itself. We will take a closer look at how deepening your understanding of the three Principles effortlessly reveals a greater depth of being home.

    Dicken Bettinger

    I have had a long career as a licensed psychologist and as an educator. My current business is 3 Principles Mentoring, which I founded to guide individuals, groups, and organizations in deepening their understanding of the Three Principles. I lead seminars around the world in the Three Principles as taught by my teacher Mr. Sydney Banks. I met Sydney Banks in 1986 and feel fortunate that, for 23 years, I was able to learn directly from him. My seminars teach the foundations behind mental well-being and point people toward their own wisdom.

    In 1991, I co-founded the first Three Principles center in the Northeastern U.S. Later, I spent 16 years as a senior staff associate at Pransky and Associates where I developed and led corporate and university leadership trainings, team development, and executive coaching. I worked with individuals and couples to help them raise their levels of well-being.

    I am a graduate of St. Lawrence University, received my Master's Degree from Penn State University, and my Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Boston University. My wife Coizie and I have been married for 47 years and have two children and two grandchildren. I enjoy photography, hiking, canoeing, and traveling. I am so grateful for this deep understanding that allows me to navigate life with ease and joy.

    Natasha Swerdloff

    I first came across this understanding in 2012 when a friend told me about something she called The Three Principles. I had not heard about it before, and having been interested in personal growth and integral psychology for 25 years I was a bit skeptical.

    I went to my first training — everything I heard sounded so simple and I felt like I already knew what was being talked about. It intuitively made sense to me, so it felt like arriving back home to a space inside that I always knew was there but had forgotten about.

    In the beginning, I was looking for the “how to,” the “3 magic steps,” or some sort of application that would make it easy for me to teach this to others.

    I have been self-employed since 1996 and have delivered business trainings and executive coaching and often talk at conferences all over the world, so finding ways of getting this simple message across was of value to me.

    It took a while before I realized that this understanding is insight-based, and that there are no “quick fixes” or “how-tos.” I now own The Principles Institute and provide organizational development, consulting, training, and coaching with a Three Principles-based approach.

    Natasha is the co-author of the book “Coming Home” that she has written with Dr. Dicken Bettinger. The book is available on amazon.co.uk

    I am based in Denmark, married to John, and enjoy spending time with friends and family, cooking, gardening, being in nature, traveling, and riding my Harley-Davidson in the summer time.