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Premium Member Webinar Dean Rees-Evans 03 2016-03-11

Solutions Found in Transformative Simplicity

Start Date:
Feb 23, 2015 7:00 PM GMT
End Date:
Feb 23, 2015 8:30 PM GMT
Dean Rees-Evans
  1. 3P Supermind
    Hi folks, I worked in high school education from 2002, and in 2004 after training with Dr Roger Mills my teaching became more like going in and hanging out with the kids. There are so many beautiful stories from over the years, each one a miracle in its own right. I conduct weekend public programs and directed a six-month training for trainers course in the UK.
    I also piloted a Three Principles research project in a high school as part of an MSc program in the UK and Roger acted as my silent mentor. The wonderful Sue Pankiewicz taught along side me while we ran the intervention with both staff and pupils; it was a lot of fun. The dissertation has been condensed into a paper that I hope will be co-published with my ex academic supervisor Dr David Pevalin, it is currently undergoing peer review. I have written a book for teenagers, not yet published and generally write a regular blog.
    As Syd once said: “it will be the youth of today that will rewrite psychiatry and psychology”, and I can only say how honoured I am to have been part of that in some small way."

    Dean Rees-Evans

    Dean Rees-Evans MSc is the only Australian based researcher to have explored the three psychological principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought as taught by Mr. Sydney Banks. The Three Principles is a dynamic, insight-based approach that focuses upon the natural and innate health that lies within all humans - regardless of circumstances, past history, or current state of mind. Dean’s pioneering research using the Three Principles as an intervention reveals incredible increases in psychological happiness and well-being of a highly significant nature.
    One of the models greatest assets is its potential to create sustainable communication between people within a community, whether it is a working community such as a university department or business or a living community. All people know instinctively that when they are happy people tend to be more creative, productive and definitely nicer to be around. After an exposure to this understanding individuals become more relaxed and begin to more regularly access their common sense and innate wisdom, and this has the potential to create greater harmony within the lives of people and of those around them. The Three Principles approach to well-being has been widely applied to great effect in businesses, universities, communities, social services, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, the prison system, counselling, and schools around the world.
    Dean has been teaching the Three Principles since 2004, and established Three Principles Training & Consultancy in 2005. Dean has worked with great enthusiasm to share this understanding with countless individuals, groups, families, schools, industry and business. He also offers a vibrant coaching package for individuals.