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Premium Member Webinar Free! Elese Coit and Gabriela Maldonado-Montano 2016-03-11

True Partnerships and Team Working

Start Date:
May 7, 2015 7:00 PM GMT
End Date:
May 7, 2015 8:30 PM GMT
Elese Coit Gabriela Maldonado-Montano
  1. 3P Supermind

    A free webinar about what will be in the 4-part series with Gabriela Maldonado-Montano and Elese Coit about how looking toward the Principles has grounded their business and can transform any business relationship.

    Elese Coit

    Elese wants businesses and the people in them to thrive. Her approach to success is to teach companies the principles that regulate human potential so they can use this transformative knowledge to solve problems more easily, innovate more consistently and reach business targets more effectively.
    Elese has focused on the factors behind success from the start of her corporate career. Puzzled by why talented people would sometimes achieve great results and sometimes not, Elese began to uncover a set of principles in operation. This transformed her approach to producing successful results. Articulating these as Human Potential Principles, Elese found that critical organizational functions, such as team working, problem solving and innovating, were directly improved as people were introduced to and obtained a working knowledge of the principles of human potential. Elese's firm, TrueChange Consultants, is entirely dedicated to helping companies bring this transformative knowledge to their leadership and teams.
    Born in the US and having lived most of her life in Europe, Elese spent her professional career in project, program, people and change management within Fortune 500 companies. At British Telecom she was Senior Program Manager for business-critical transformation programs and global IT network solutions for major clients. Before becoming a consultant, she was British Telecom’s Head of Project and Program Management for the U.S., Canada and Latin America. Elese attended Cranfield Management School and is a certified MSP Program Manager and Certified Master Coach. She is also a former graduate lecturer at Westminster University, London and a faculty member of Michael Neill’s international Supercoach Academy.
    Elese is the author of two books and is currently working on her third: human potential coaching for managers. In her writing and speaking she aims to help business understand the dynamic mechanisms and principles behind releasing human potential.
    Elese has been a conscious contributor to professional and social-good organizations throughout her career. She is currently a Board Member of The Center for Sustainable Change, a national non-profit transforming the lives of children in distress.

    Gabriela Maldonado-Montano

    Gabriela directs our growing number of programs for family-owned businesses across the world. Many programs are provided in Spanish and are transforming the fortunes and futures of family-run enterprises. By helping them work harmoniously, grow substantially and plan strategically, they rise to meet the challenges of change, succession and transition.
    For over 20 years Gabriela has worked to release the natural genius within individuals, teams and organizations. She started her career in the nonprofit and public sectors focused on unleashing human potential through sharing the basic laws of performance. Driven and inspired by the highly innovative and collaborative results of her clients she branched out into organizational consulting. Gabriela co-founded TrueChange Consultants, to assist organizations to meet challenges and rise to the their highest aspirations.
    She spent 13 years transforming the health and wellbeing of employees in government health and human services in California. Within Santa Clara County government services, she lead projects across a wide breadth of government departments including hospitals, probation, corrections and social services – where she taught people how to thrive, maintain high performance and avoid burn out when working in deeply traumatic and intense circumstances.
    Gabriela’s human potential consulting work now spans a wide range of national and international organizations including non-profits, government agencies, family-owned businesses and multi-national firms.
    Currently Gabriela lives in the Silicon Valley and loves living in this “mecca” of innovation, where she enjoys how the creativity of the human mind is constantly bringing new entrepreneurial ideas to life. One of her great strengths is working seamlessly with ethnically and culturally diverse organizations.
    Gabriela’s heart lies in helping children lead joyful lives. She was co-director for The Center for Sustainable Change, a U.S. national nonprofit which aims to transform the lives of children and youth in distress. She continues to actively support and work with this organization.