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Videoconferencia en Español Gabriela Maldonado-Montano & Ana Holmback

Resonando en Los Tres Principios

Start Date:
Dec 22, 2016 5:00 PM PST
End Date:
Dec 22, 2016 6:30 PM PST
Gabriela Maldonado-Montano Ana Holmback
  1. Ana Holmback

    Gabriela Maldonado-Montano

    Gabriela directs our growing number of programs for family-owned businesses across the world. Many programs are provided in Spanish and are transforming the fortunes and futures of family-run enterprises. By helping them work harmoniously, grow substantially and plan strategically, they rise to meet the challenges of change, succession and transition.
    For over 20 years Gabriela has worked to release the natural genius within individuals, teams and organizations. She started her career in the nonprofit and public sectors focused on unleashing human potential through sharing the basic laws of performance. Driven and inspired by the highly innovative and collaborative results of her clients she branched out into organizational consulting. Gabriela co-founded TrueChange Consultants, to assist organizations to meet challenges and rise to the their highest aspirations.
    She spent 13 years transforming the health and wellbeing of employees in government health and human services in California. Within Santa Clara County government services, she lead projects across a wide breadth of government departments including hospitals, probation, corrections and social services – where she taught people how to thrive, maintain high performance and avoid burn out when working in deeply traumatic and intense circumstances.
    Gabriela’s human potential consulting work now spans a wide range of national and international organizations including non-profits, government agencies, family-owned businesses and multi-national firms.
    Currently Gabriela lives in the Silicon Valley and loves living in this “mecca” of innovation, where she enjoys how the creativity of the human mind is constantly bringing new entrepreneurial ideas to life. One of her great strengths is working seamlessly with ethnically and culturally diverse organizations.
    Gabriela’s heart lies in helping children lead joyful lives. She was co-director for The Center for Sustainable Change, a U.S. national nonprofit which aims to transform the lives of children and youth in distress. She continues to actively support and work with this organization.

    Ana Holmback

    Ana Holmback
    Saludos desde Arizona, USA. Desde hace varios años he estado preparándome para ser Coach y así servir a las personas, a cualquier persona. Tomó un tiempo, como todas las cosas, y eventualmente, recibí un certificado de la Supercoach Academy de Michael Neil como Coach Transformador. Mi marco de trabajo está basado en los Tres Principios, los cuales fueron desarrollados por Sydney Banks. Este fundamento muestra una nueva dimensión con respecto al funcionamiento del sistema operativo del ser humano. Es interesante, innovador, revolucionario y profundamente simple.