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Premium Member Webinar Jeanne Catherine Gray 02 2016-02-25

Your Best Year Yet

Start Date:
Jan 18, 2016 7:00 PM GMT
End Date:
Jan 18, 2016 8:30 PM GMT
Jeanne Catherine Gray
  1. 3P Supermind
    Join Jeanne Catherine-Gray, host of Waking Up: The Neuroscience of Awareness and discover what you may not know that is super simple! Take your Three Principles understanding to a whole new level by uncovering how "important" thinking can lead you away from health, vitality and well being. This year, keep life simple and enjoy life more with a little secret to seeing your own crazy at work! If you're still wondering how to "make" the principles "work" for you, or you still feel that everyone else must be getting this wrong, or better yet - you find you ruminate about money, sex or loss - what ever is one your mind - this simple conversation about the experience of "important" will give you a new view for the BEST YEAR YET!

    Jeanne Catherine Gray

    Jeanne Catherine-Gray started her business with NO MONEY. A stay at home mom with PTSD; going through a demanding and rigorous divorce process in Charlottesville, VA. Jeanne dreamed of sharing personal freedom and ease of mind with other human beings. Jeanne rented a space with NO IDEA of where the rent would come from. Deeply committed to transforming the landscape of contemporary psychology and its applications in the real world, Jeanne has successfully built a community of practitioners and provides training programs for coaches and therapists. Her voracious intellectual curiosity and comfort with listening for insight is complemented by her capacity for action, and genuine care for other human beings. Jeanne values a principle-based understanding that naturally improves listening and well being; increasing peace of mind, community satisfaction and desirable outcomes. With twenty-four years of experience working with groups, Jeanne’s willingness to go straight to the heart of the problem, and not be afraid of anything, reaps great benefits at work (http://www.divineplay.com), as a host on the radio show, Waking Up: The Neuroscience of Awareness (http://www.ctrnetwork.com) and as a volunteer mediator & parent educator in Charlottesville, VA.