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Premium Member Webinar Mary White 02 2016-03-30

Tapping the Spirit Within: The ever present source of Resilience, Wisdom, Insight, and Healing

Start Date:
May 11, 2016 7:00 PM GMT
End Date:
May 11, 2016 8:30 PM GMT
Mary White
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    Mary White

    Mary White is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Coach and Business Consultant based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Saint Mary’s University in Minnesota and has maintained a private counseling and coaching practice since 2003 serving individual adults, adolescents, couples and groups. Mary provides in person or distance coaching for people who want to learn more about the Three Principles. She also creates Employee Wellness Trainings for businesses and organizations.
    Mary has contracted with numerous mental health agencies, dual diagnosis treatment centers and other organizations over the last 14 years providing educational seminars, facilitating mental health groups and conducting wellness trainings for staff. Her experience covers diverse settings serving people with a wide range of presenting concerns.
    Mary was first introduced to the Three Principles about 20 years ago as a client in counseling. Her own transformation inspired her to pursue education and credentialing in the mental health field so she could pass on this vital information to others. Concurrently she sought continuing education on the Three Principles through individual mentoring, workshops, conferences and Sydney Banks materials and lectures. Her passion is to help people overcome mental suffering and addiction by rediscovering their true nature and capacity for innate health. She aspires to be a “voice of change” in the behavioral health field.