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Chana Rosenblatt

Chana is originally from Israel, she has lived in the UK since 2001. She is a very blessed mother to eight children. Before coming across the Principles, she was taking a degree in Adlerian family counselling. She did not have in mind to become a counsellor, rather to use the ideas in helping her to bring up her own family. Whilst her husband, Shaul, had been a practitioner of the Principles for many years, Chana had not seen that it had more to offer her than what she was already learning. That changed at the Tikun Innate Health Conference in 2011. She attended and saw something new for herself. Her insights through the conference made her realise very quickly that the Principles had something deeper and more relevant to offer her than anything she had experienced until now. She says that ‘from that moment on, while nothing has changed in my life on the outside everything has changed on the inside!’ Having been touched and impacted deeply by these principles and seeing the approach as revolutionary, she turned her focus in this direction completely and graduated from the One Thought Institute in 2012. As her understanding deepened, she realised that this was not something she could keep for herself and her family and she decided to become a practitioner. Chana is now working for Tikun’s Innate Health Centre in London, she is a Teacher for the One Thought Professional Institute, She is a sought after counsellor, trainer and International lecturer and a highly regarded educator in the 3 Principles community.

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