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Dr. Amy Johnson

I am a social psychologist, master certified coach, author and public speaker.
I have taught university-level psychology, consulted on several high-profile court cases, spoken to audiences around the country about success and happiness, and sailed around the world.
I work with clients all over the world via telephone and online coaching programs. If you’re interested in learning more about the inside-out nature of life and getting out of your own way so that you can have a more joyful experience on this planet, I can help. I’d love to help.
I am the author of Being Human: Essays on Thoughtmares, Bouncing Back, and Your True Nature and Modern Enlightenment: Psychological, Spiritual, and Practical Ideas for a Better Life.
My next book, The Little Book of Big Change: A No-Willpower Approach to Breaking any Habit will be published by New Harbinger in January 2016.
I’m a regular expert on The Steve Harvey Show and am often interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Self Magazine, and Oprah.com.
I’m also the wife of a Green Bay Packer fanatic and the mom of two wise-beyond-their years little people. I’m into coffee, traveling, and documentaries, library books, and sleeping through the night.

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