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Dr. Keith Blevens

Keith Blevens, Ph.D., is a cum laude graduate of Indiana University and of the APA Approved Doctoral Program at Texas Tech University. He completed his pre-doctoral internship at the Veterans Administration Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Waco, Texas. He is a licensed and certified clinical psychologist in the state of Washington. He has taught classes and served on doctoral dissertation research committees at nine universities. He has been Clinical Director of the Minneapolis Institute of Mental Health, Director of Psychological Services at Baylor University, and staff psychologist at Pransky and Associates.
Dr. Keith Blevens was mentored by Sydney Banks for 32 years. It was through Mr. Bank’s influence that Keith began to realize the absolute connection of thought to all feeling, whether positive or negative. This was the practical, precise, “only works one way,” paradigmatic logic that Psychology had always searched for. Six months before Sydney Banks passed away he asked Keith to write a book about this paradigm, and provided a wealth of material specifically written for this book. Keith, along with his co-author and business partner Valda Monroe, are currently working on this text.

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