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Lori Carpenos

Lori Carpenos completed a yearlong post-graduate internship in Innate Health and the 3 Principles, in 1985, in Coral Gables, FL. She later received a marriage and family therapy license (LMFT) in order to help others discover their innate health.
"I can’t imagine that any other work could be as enjoyable. I watch people transform from having a simple insight to having an understanding of the nature of human experience. I witness the effects of a simple understanding about how thought works. I also witness the remarkably positive effect that this understanding has on a relationship."
Lori completed another year-long training with Dr. Pransky and Associates, in 1994, with the thought that she could help impart this understanding to the business world. She has maintained a private practice as a therapist, consultant, facilitator, and writer, ever since.

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