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Webinar Series Spiritual Maturity - Ami Chen 2016-03-12

Beyond “Improvement,” Concepts and Identity

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Nov 24, 2015 7:00 PM GMT
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Nov 24, 2015 8:30 PM GMT
Ami Chen
  1. 3P Supermind
    Spiritual Maturity, with Ami Chen
    Beyond "Improvement", Concepts and Identity

    From “seeking” to Finding. Despite our best efforts, the feeling of true freedom and release from fear can be elusive. What keeps us seeking and never truly finding lasting peace? This webinar series will point to universal habits of Thought that bind our Mind energy; and will direct us all to the true source of unconditional peace and spiritual well-being—our Selves.

    There is a momentum of the mind, of Thought, that keeps the idea of a “self” in place, a “self” that needs to be “bettered.” That betterment can be within the context of the material world (better house, better car, better life) or the spiritual or self-help worlds (better self!) Or it can be the two combined (better self = better car!)

    This pernicious and usually sub-conscious momentum can keep thoughts bound up in future worldly gains or enlightenment experiences, future “levels of consciousness,” future insights. We seek “results” or evidence of our spiritual attainments. Or, we may continue to reference awakening experiences from the past, comparing those to our day-to-day existence. Completely overlooked within this game, is the conscious, intelligent, loving Presence that is already here, always has been, and always will be.

    While insight and wisdom and “shifts” in consciousness are always cause for celebration, when we associate these experiences with a self-concept, or ego, we are missing the larger “boat.”

    This four-part series with Ami Chen will take a fresh look at this momentum of Thought and what lies underneath, what creates this momentum, what is always here. We will look together at identity and how the momentum (in Thought) of identity creates fear and insecurity. When all thoughts of identity or a “self” are gone, what remains? And what is the nature of what remains?

    Finally, we live in a world of form. Decisions seem to need to be made; life choices and activities are never ending. Support, comfort, extending comfort to others, and expressing creativity for and through our life form are natural human inclinations. How does all of this relate to the understanding of what we Are, even as the myriad forms of our life come and go? How do we navigate this life that indeed is a “contact sport”?

    Format: Lecture, dialogue, suggested readings and exercises. A Private on-line forum will be provided for participants to share their thoughts and experiences, to inspire and encourage on another. Ami will be overseeing this forum and responding in writing; or in our weekly webinars to what is posted there. Participants should be prepared to engage in some manner (written or verbal) with the on-line/webinar group, although this is not strictly required.

    Written exercises, questions for reflection and/or suggested readings or audio-visual materials will be given one week before each session; and responses to these will form the launching ground for our dialogues. Additionally, each registrant to this series will receive a copy of Ami Chen’s paper “Myths of Spiritual Sub-Culture.”

    Webinar 1:
    Going Past “Evidence”: Beyond self-help and improving life/career/relationships.

    Webinar 2:
    Beyond Experience: Transcending “experiences” and looking for experiences or “states of mind” and more deeply toward our constant spiritual Beingness.

    Webinar 3:

    Transcending Spiritual Roles and Movements, Transcending Identity

    Webinar 4:
    Playing the Game of Life, The Formless in the Form. Plus open discussion: Any topic as brought by group or speaker.

    Who should enroll in this series? … Anyone who feels drawn by the description and/or by Ami’s work. While the language of the “Three Principles” will be used, there will be attempts to bridge that language to fresh words and phrases that may help us to “crack open” our minds. This series is not designed as an “introduction” to the Three Principles, as the title implies. Anyone from any self-help or spiritual tradition or teaching is most welcome. We will be seeking to see beyond the form of any spiritual teaching and toward That which animates and is the source of all forms of teaching.

    Ami’s YouTube Video: “What is the Self?”:

    Ami Chen

    Ami Chen Mills-Naim is author of State of Mind in the Classroom and The Spark Inside: A Special Book for Youth. With her late father, Dr. Roger Mills, she co-founded the non-profit Center for Sustainable Change. She has been an international trainer of the “Three Principles” for more than 17 years, as well as a “trainer of trainers.” Ami spent some of her childhood on Salt Spring Island, where her father became a student of Mr. Sydney Banks. Later, Ami became a student of Mr. Banks, too. Besides the Principles, Ami’s spiritual studies from a young age have spanned a wide range of teachers, authors and traditions.
    Ami has worked with children, youth, families and communities for more than 20 years. Through her writing, teaching and project leadership, Ami has made a significant impact on spiritual consciousness, globally, and has been instrumental in producing literature and video programs on applications of the Principles with youth, families and in communities across the USA.
    She is former Director of the National Community Resiliency Project, funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. In addition, Ami is an award-winning writer and journalist, and former host of her own bi-weekly radio show, “On the Front Porch with Ami Chen: Spiritual Dialogues for the 21st Century.”
    Her current focus is on sharing and expanding an understanding of the Principles, of the living Truth. Moreover, Ami shares the profound potential of our true nature, and the simple power of Love to help end needless suffering.