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Being Mental and Being Sane - A Mother & Daughter Story

Start Date:
Dec 3, 2014 7:00 PM GMT
End Date:
Dec 3, 2014 8:30 PM GMT
Sue Pankiewicz
  1. 3P Supermind
    Being Mental and Being Sane: A little bit of ‘madness’ can wake you up to the invisible constraints of ‘sanity!
    Losing ourselves and finding ourselves is no big deal if we don’t try to fiddle, meddle and fix. It’s still not a big deal if we fiddle, meddle and fix – nothing lasts forever. But what is it that wakes us up to the new? And why don’t we simply live in a permanent feeling of peace and love when we gain an understanding of the principles? What does being mental have to offer? And what’s it like if we simply lose the labels?

    Sue Pankiewicz

    Sue was a teacher for eighteen years working in mainstream and special education. Since 2006 she has worked in a variety of settings, teaching and sharing the Principles with individuals and groups. Sue loves to organise and support events that bring people together to inspire, share and deepen understanding. Her hometown of Colchester in the UK was the first main centre of interest in the Principles, in the UK, and Sue is honoured to been involved in bringing many of the world’s leading practitioners to share and teach there.
    When Sue met the late Dr Roger Mills in 2004 and subsequently attended trainings with him, she found herself on a transformational path. This led to; attending the Syd Banks conference in 2007, a retreat on Salt Spring Island in 2009 -hosted by Syd Banks and Elsie Spittle, visiting San Jose and La Conner in 2010, where she was fortunate to meet and get to know many more leading facilitators, visitIng and participating in numerous principle-based projects including jails, classes for homeless and those in recovery. She most recently completed Jack Pransky’s Extended Professional Training which was immensely helpful.
    With a daughter diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia 14 years ago, at the age of 17, Sue found herself and her family thrust into a traumatic and frightening world. She knows that her own and her extended family’s growing understanding of the Principles began the process of healing and the uncovering of peace of mind. Beginning at a time when she personally had immense hope and belief in the possibility of recovery but with little evidence or support of that vision within the traditional approaches to mental health that were available to her and her family.
    For the past ten years Sue has collaborated in trainings, run courses for groups and individuals, mentored, and shared her understanding of the Three Principles, whilst all the time embracing her own unfolding experience of life which never ceases to inspire and fascinate her as the transformative nature of this understanding works it’s magic. Two of Sue’s finest mentors are her own grandchildren, Ted and Bella, who at four and six respectively, ceaselessly invite her back into love and the present moment.