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Workshop Transforming Our Clients and Ourselves Through Resilience with Joe Bailey 2016-04-23

A 2-day workshop in Glasgow, plus LiveStreaming option

Start Date:
Oct 6, 2016 9:00 AM GMT
End Date:
Oct 7, 2016 5:30 PM GMT
Joe Bailey
  1. 3P Supermind
    Transforming Our Clients and Ourselves through Resilience
    A 2-day professional training workshop in Glasgow, Scotland
    With world-renowned psychologist and author Joe Bailey

    Have you ever wondered if you just can’t take it anymore; that the stress of helping others is just too much? Do you think stress is inevitable or is it optional? Have you ever wished you could recapture the feelings and passion you once had for helping others?

    Not only is stress and burnout optional, it is totally preventable once we get the paradigm of where our experience is coming from correct. The Three Principles Single Paradigm is the cure and the prevention of burnout for ourselves. Once we are enlivened by our own innate resilience, it is possible to pass it on to those we are helping. Our example is a beacon of hope for others.

    Come join me to rediscover the resilience Self that is already there, whole and indestructible. Join thousands who have jump started their professional careers through gaining this simple yet profound understanding.
    Who is it for:
    • For professionals, therapists, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, or helpers of humanity looking to help clients out of their troubles
    • For professionals looking to dramatically increase their understanding of what make clients become resilient in the face of any challenges, without exception.
    • Students of the "Three Principles as a Single Paradigm" wanting to learn this understanding with this 30+ years veteran trainer of trainers.
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    Total time is 7 hours and 27 minutes
    1. Intro to Joe Bailey & Resilience (12m 16s)
    2. Seminar Objectives (6m 20s)
    3. Insight Based Learning (16m 49s)
    4. Moments of Resilience (15m 52s)
    5. The Mayo Clinic, The Nature of Resilience (7m 10s)
    6. More Moments of Resilience (10m 54s)
    7. The Mayo Clinic Research Results (Not available yet)
    8. Yet More Resilience (9m 56s)
    9. Does Adversity Equal Stress? (12m 01s)
    10. The Inside Out Nature of Experience (15m 27s)
    11. The Three Principles (13m 40s)
    12. Where Are My Feelings Coming From (6m 47s)
    13. Resiliency in the Diagram (7m 06s)
    14. The Mayo Clinic, Seeing Thought in the Moment (5m 08s)
    15. The Alarm System of Feelings (12m 58s)
    16. Q & A’s with Joe (14m 58s)
    17. Insight and Resilience is Revealed (12m 25s)
    18. Sydney Banks Quotes (12m 59s)
    19. The Resilience Paradigm Summary (5m 18s)
    20. Insights from Attendees (19m 14s)
    21. Recapping Resilience (12m 45s)
    22. Joe and his Dad (8m 26s)
    23. Addictions and Compulsions (12m 39s)
    24. Intro to Implications of the Resilience Paradigm (6m 09s)
    25. Implication: The 100% Solution (18m 19s)
    26. Implication: Pre-Principle Paradigm (4m 22s)
    27. The Mayo Clinic, The Art of Relationships (5m 27s)
    28. Relationships (6m 16s)
    29. A short on the Human Currency (3m 12s)
    30. Implication: Separate Realities (14m 27s)
    31. Implication: We Can Handle the Truth (5m 26s)
    32. Implication: There’s No Other Place to Be (22m 13s)
    33. Implication: The Future is an Incomplete Equation (14m 55s)
    34. The Mayo Clinic, Vision and Effective Leadership (7m 12s)
    35. Leadership (16m 32s)
    36. Sharing the Principles with Others, and Q & A’s (6m 05s)
    37. Observation: Sometimes We See It, Sometimes We Don’t (5m 26s)
    38. Three Overarching Results (14m 13s)
    39. Round Up and Conclusion (32m 30s)
    Pricing: £60.00 GBP
    If you cannot afford the price, please send an email to [email protected]. We may come to an arrangement that suits you. Purchasers have lifetime access to video recordings and downloadable MP3s.

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    Joe Bailey

    Joe Bailey’s life purpose is to help people find true happiness and peace of mind. Towards this end, he studied psychology at the undergraduate and graduate levels, eventually becoming a licensed psychologist. For the past thirty years, Joe’s desire to understand the connection between the psychological, physical and spiritual facets of human beings has pulled him into a deeper understanding of the whole person and away from the current fragmented view. His search led to a health-based approach to counseling, prevention programs, workplace wellness and the attainment of a personal life of peace, joy and fulfilment for all people.

    In his career, Joe has worked as a marriage and family counselor, university teacher, trainer of therapists, author, and consultant to organizations. He has been a pioneer in his profession, weaving together ideas and insights on psychology and spirituality. In his twenties, he became a trainer of counselors in family therapy and addictions and introduced ideas of primary prevention of addictions to the treatment profession. Over the next twenty years, Joe helped pioneer a revolutionary new psychology, Health Realization, which focused on seeing and actualizing health rather than the current disease model.

    Joe brought a psychological/spiritual health model into the work place, especially healthcare. He helps organizations appreciate the importance of the mental well-being of their employees and managers in order to create healthy and productive organizations. This approach was used as a model, by Joe and other faculty members, to create “The Inner Life of Healers” program at the University of Minnesota Medical School, where Joe was an adjunct faculty member.

    Joe’s first book, The Serenity Principle (Harper Collins, 1990) has had a significant impact on the treatment of thousands of clients and addiction professionals throughout the world. His bestselling book, Slowing Down to the Speed of Life (co-authored with Richard Carlson, Harper San Francisco, 1997) and later The Speed Trap (Harper San Francisco, 1999) were other expressions of his approach in and out of the work place. In these books he communicates the principles of living and realizing inner peace and health and how to transcend a major problem facing our society—the frenetic pace of life and stress. Joe’s fourth book, Slowing Down to the Speed of Love, was an accumulation of his life’s realizations that take the reader in a more spiritual direction than his previous books. It guides readers to practically live their life from their true spiritual core and shows them how this awareness impacts all of their relationships.

    Joe’s recently completed book, Fearproof Your Life, to be released in October, 2007 (Conari Press), was written in response to the wave of fear that has swept our culture in this new century. In this book he offers us a way out of a life tainted by fear, insecurity and worry. He shows the reader how to connect to an inner source of security, wisdom and peace of mind, no matter what is happening around them. By living our lives from the source of a fearless state of mind—the true Self, we are able to wisely and creatively respond to the challenges of today’s world. Living our lives collectively from our ego selves and fear has gotten us into the crisis we now find ourselves in the world. A spiritual realization is the only antidote to the stress and fear that have become the norm in our world.

    Joe spreads his message of hope and understanding through public speaking, seminars and retreats, consultation to organizations and through this website.

    Joe lives and works with his wife, Michael, in St. Paul, Minnesota and is a father and grandfather. He is passionate about being in nature whether fly fishing, kayaking or skiing in the mountains. He combines his passions and his purpose in his fly fishing for the mind retreats.


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